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Punch Bomb Weight

  • Punch Stops

    Select the perfect sized stop to hold your weight in place. 4 Rings (24 Stops) per pack. ***Please note, that rings may be different colors but the stops will always be black. Small - holds all weights from 1/16 oz to 5/8 oz Large - holds all...

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  • Punch Bomb Weight

    Punch Bomb Weight

    Need to breach heavy cover to nab that kicker fish? Slip through pads, hyacinth and matted cover like a warm knife through butter with the Swagger Punch Bomb.  Our ultra dense, 97% tournament grade tungsten punch weights significantly increase...

    $5.59 - $8.79
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  • Vader Series - NO CHIP Punch Weights

    Vader Series - NO CHIP Punch Weights

    Welcome to the dark side... Introducing the "VADER SERIES" lineup of punching weights! We already have the toughest paint job in the game but we aren't stopping there! Our paint free and extremely durable, NO CHIP, NO FADE, INDESTRUCTIBLE finish will...

    $6.29 - $9.29
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